Moral Development Research: September 2017 – Present

Score Moral Development Interview responses from undergraduate students enrolled in ‘Human Development’ course under direction of Dr. Michael Ignelzi; estimated n=600. In process of comparing Fall 2017 responses with data from 1996-2000 as part of a longitudinal, qualitative study. Recorded mock interview with fellow graduate researcher to model ideal interviewing procedure which was distributed to current undergraduate students as supplement to course assignment.

Professional Twitter for Student Affairs: Residence Life Edition

This presentation covers how and why Twitter is used by the Student Affairs community, how to develop one’s brand on the platform, and ways one can network with Residence Life professionals to learn about practices at other institutions. Presented this workshop at the Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education (PCHE) Residential Student Staff Conference at Robert Morris University on January 28th, 2017.

How To Get Into College (Again): Applying for Graduate School Like a Pro

This presentation presents the full run-down on applying to graduate school, including understanding interests, choosing programs, preparing for exams, writing personal statements and interviewing. This program was created by three students at the Carnegie Mellon Career and Professional Development Center applying to Master’s and PhD programs. Presented this workshop at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Regional Leadership Conference on Saturday, November 12th, 2016.

La música como una herramienta que puede crear o destruir las contraculturas de los jóvenes: November 2015

Contributed to the Fall 2015 issue of Polyglot, the undergraduate journal of the Department of Modern Languages at Carnegie Mellon University. This piece is a review essay based on the works ‘El rey se acerca a su templo,’ ‘La noche de los lápices,’ and ‘Tony Manero’ for the course 82-455: Popular Music and Countercultures in Latin America.

Resume Design: May 2015

Wrote a 2,500+ word report relating to resume design, including information on the resume’s history, eyetracking studies on recruiters, new visual elements and advice on how to start writing one. Extra credit was given for formatting this paper in Adobe InDesign CC as a 4 page spread, similar to that used for magazine publishing. Final project for the course ‘Graphic Media Management.’